Counselling Options in Mudgee (and surrounds)

There are a number of counseling options that are available in the Mudgee Area.   Each counsellor these specialises in different counselling models and issues.  Different services are funded in different ways. 

Services have different waiting lists and costs associated with the counselling.   

It is recommended that you find the right service for your situation in this mix.  You need to find a counsellor that you can feel comfortable with as well as one that has skills for the issues that you face and any type of therapy that is listed for you.  You will also want a counsellor that works to the budget and times that suit you.

Despite the list of counselling services here there is usually a high demand for services and wait times may be involved.

The Private services in Mudgee include:

Mudgee Community Health (0263719700) also has some specialist counsellors including:

There are also services that come into town including:

Financial help (and sometimes covering of costs) for counselling services can come from:

If you know of any services that are not listed here that you think should be listed you can ask that they be added by emailing me.